Each year, we host two community outreach events. You are welcome to come and serve or come and receive. For more information about coming to serve, please submit your information on the "On Mission Page".

Both events are accomplished through volunteers and donations. In 2020, over 1,700 meals were served during the Thanksgiving Dinner. Over 1,200 Christmas Backpacks were given away during the backpack weekend.

More than numbers... each family is prayed with, and the gospel is shared as much as possible...
even in the drive through line!

Email: GrantOHasty@Gmail.Com or Call/ TExt 606-310-2299

Community THanksGiving Dinner 

We are preparing for over 1,700 dinners. Be ready to serve and share the Gospel!
We welcome volunteers beginning Wednesday - Saturday.
Community Thanksgiving Dinner
Saturday, Before Thanksgiving! 

CHristmas Backpacks

More Information With Ages, Dates, Times, And Location Coming Closer To The Event. Please Check Back Later. 

CHristmas BackPacks - Second Saturday Of December